Everything you need to know about the Tajmahal

During the Mughal dynasty period the Shah Jahan was the fifth ruler king. During his kingdom third regnal year his wife Mumtaz Mahal died because of the complications of giving birth to their fourteenth child. The Shah Jahan started the planning construction of Tajmahal in the resting place of his wife. Due to his effort the Luminous Tomb in contemporary Mughal creation was successfully built and the world is called this beloved creation as the Tajmahal.

The Tajmahal is fully covered with the various kinds of monumental scale like as awesome garden decorations, fully layered white marble architectural environments with lavish ornamentations. The Tajmahal is exactly located in Agra, Delhi. Agra is also called as the  “riverfront garden city” because of the Tajmahal. The river Yamuna allows water access around the Tajmahal that will help to make, the more garden full environment.

The Forecourt is the main entry of the Tajmahal, it is the 16th century shops and the monumental gate of inlaid Forecourt is highly decorated by using the sandstone architectural cultures. The grand splendor designs and the symmetry white marble architectural designs are the best impressive part of the Tajmahal.

The Tajmahal is one of the top tourist destination attracts the more numbers of travelers. It is one of the seven wonders of the world.  From Delhi, you can easily reach the Agra. There are several ranges of transportation services available to access the Tajmahal from Delhi. Car rental service is the best option to make a hassle free journey to the Tajmahal.

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